MWP's Toyota Celica GT4 Documents & Media


This is a collection of Toyota Celica GT4 (ST165, ST185, ST205) documents & media sourced from around the internet that i have found to be useful.
Some of this information may also be useful to Toyota MR2 (SW20) and Toyota Caldina (ST215, ST245) owners.

I have made it available here for easy access to others and in hope that it will prevent the information from being lost.

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Toyota Mechanics Training Manuals

Automatic Transmissions

Fundamentals of Automatic Transmissions(download PDF)
Torque Converter(download PDF)
Gear Selection and Function(download PDF)
Power Flow(download PDF)
Automatic Transmission Fluid(download PDF)
Transmission Oil Pump(download PDF)
Valve Body Circuits(download PDF)
A340H Transfer(download PDF)
Electrical Control(download PDF)
Transmission Check, Adjustments and Diagnosis(download PDF)
Appendix(download PDF)
Automatic Transmission Basics(download PDF)
U-Series Transaxle(download PDF)
Valve Body Circuits(download PDF)
Electronic Control System(download PDF)
Diagnostic Procedures(download PDF)
Diagnostic Tester(download PDF)
Remanufactured Transmission(download PDF)
Appendix(download PDF)


Fundamental Principles(download PDF)
Master Cylinder(download PDF)
Drum Brakes(download PDF)
Disc Brakes(download PDF)
Brake Booster(download PDF)
Parking Brake(download PDF)
Brake Diagnosis(download PDF)
Hydraulic Control(download PDF)
ABS Diagnosis(download PDF)
Other ABS Actuators(download PDF)
Traction Control System (TRAC)(download PDF)
Appendix(download PDF)

Electrical #1

Electrical Fundamentals(download PDF)
Electrical Circuits(download PDF)
Electrical Components(download PDF)
Analog vs Digital Meters(download PDF)
Wire, Terminal and Connector Repair(download PDF)
Automotive Batteries(download PDF)
Toyota Starting Systems(download PDF)
Toyota Charging Systems(download PDF)
Understanding Toyota Wiring Diagram(download PDF)
Electrical Diagnostic Tools(download PDF)
Diagnosing Body Electrical Problems(download PDF)
Semiconductors(download PDF)
Transistors(download PDF)
Computers and Logic Gates(download PDF)
Overview of Sensors & Actuators(download PDF)
Electronic Transmission - Operation(download PDF)
Electronic Transmission - Diagnosis(download PDF)
Shift Interlock System(download PDF)

Electrical #2

Essential Electrical Concepts(download PDF)
Electrical Circuits(download PDF)
The Battery(download PDF)
The Charging System(download PDF)
Appendix(download PDF)
Using the Electrical Wiring Diagram(download PDF)
Electrical Diagnostic Tools(download PDF)
Six-Step Troubleshooting Plan(download PDF)
General Development of Multiplexing(download PDF)
Appendix(download PDF)

Engine ODB

EFI System Overview(download PDF)
Air Induction System(download PDF)
Fuel Delivery & Injection Controls(download PDF)
Ignition System(download PDF)
Engine Controls - Input Sensors(download PDF)
Engine Controls - ECU and Outputs(download PDF)
Engine Controls - Idle Speed Control(download PDF)
Engine Controls - Diagnostics(download PDF)

Engine ODB2

Sensors - Mode Sensors and Switches(download PDF)
Sensors - Thermistors(download PDF)
Sensors - Position Sensors(download PDF)
Sensors - Air Flow Sensors(download PDF)
Sensors - Pressure Sensors(download PDF)
Sensors - Speed Sensors(download PDF)
Sensors - Oxygen and Air Fuel Sensors(download PDF)
Sensors - Knock Sensors(download PDF)
Ignition - Ignition Overviewions(download PDF)
Ignition - Electronic Spark Advance(download PDF)
Ignition - Distributor and Distributorless(download PDF)
Fuel System - Overview(download PDF)
Fuel System - Injection Duration(download PDF)
Fuel System - Closed Loop and Fuel Trim(download PDF)
OBDII - Overview of On-Board Diagnostics(download PDF)
OBDII - Serial Data(download PDF)
OBDII - Data Interpretation(download PDF)
Emission - Chemistry of Combustion(download PDF)
Emission - Emission Analysis(download PDF)
Emission - Engine Sub Systems(download PDF)
Emission - Closed Loop Feedback Systems(download PDF)
Emission - Electronic Spark Advance(download PDF)
Emission - Idle Speed Control Systems(download PDF)
Emission - Exhaust Gas Recirculation(download PDF)
Emission - Evaporative Emission Control(download PDF)
Emission - Positive Crankcase Ventilation(download PDF)
Emission - Catalytic Converter(download PDF)
Emission - Secondary Air(download PDF)


Hybrid System Overview(download PDF)
Hybrid System Operation(download PDF)
High-Voltage battery(download PDF)
Engine(download PDF)
Chassis(download PDF)
Body Electrical(download PDF)
Appendix(download PDF)

Hybrid Diagnosis

Principles of Operation(download PDF)
Fuel and EVAP System(download PDF)
HV Battery Control System(download PDF)
Brake System(download PDF)
Electric Power System(download PDF)
Other Systems(download PDF)
Appendix(download PDF)

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Most of the information and media here has been obtained from other websites/sources.
If you were the original source of the media and do not wish it to be mirrored here, please contact me.

Document contributions (Thankyou!): Tuga2112, Brandon L

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