MWP's Toyota Celica GT4 Documents & Media


This is a collection of Toyota Celica GT4 (ST165, ST185, ST205) documents & media sourced from around the internet that i have found to be useful.
Some of this information may also be useful to Toyota MR2 (SW20) and Toyota Caldina (ST215, ST245) owners.

I have made it available here for easy access to others and in hope that it will prevent the information from being lost.

Official TSRM's and BGB's

(Toyota Service & Repair Manuals, also known as the Big Green Books)

Toyota - 3S-GTE - Repair Manual(download PDF, 8MB)
Toyota - ST165 - Repair Manual(PDF, 60MB)
Toyota - ST185 - Repair Manual (1990)(PDF, 25MB)
Toyota - ST185 - Repair Manual (1993)(PDF, 21MB)
Toyota - ST185 - Service Manual(PDF, 23MB)
Toyota - ST185 - Electrical Wiring Diagram(download PDF, 3MB)
Toyota - AT180-ST184 - Electrical Wiring Diagram(download PDF, 4MB)
Toyota - ST205 - Engine Repair Manual(download PDF, 12MB)
Toyota - ST205 - Engine Repair Supplement(PDF, 33MB)
Toyota - ST205 - Chassis and Body Manual(PDF, 32MB)
Toyota - ST205 - Chassis and Body Supplement(PDF, 41MB)
Toyota - ST205 - Electrical Wiring Diagram(download PDF, 5MB)
Toyota - AT202-ST204 - Electrical Wiring Diagram(download PDF, 19MB)
Toyota - ST245 - Service Manual (translated)(PDF, 89MB)
Toyota - Wire Harness Repair Manual(download PDF, 5MB)

Other Official Information

Toyota - Mechanics Training Manuals(link)
Toyota - ST185 - Specifications Sheet(download PDF, 1MB)
Toyota - ST185 - WRC Homologation Papers(download PDF, 11MB)
Toyota - ST205 - WRC Homologation Papers(download PDF, 7MB)
Toyota Celica GT4 and MR2 Booklet(download PDF, 3MB)

3rd Party Repair Manuals/Information

Haynes Data Book ST165 Information(download PDF, 1MB)
Haynes Data Book ST185 Information(download PDF, 1MB)


CT26 Turbo DIY Rebuild Guide(TXT, <1MB)
3SGTE Fuel Rail Limits (WolfKatz)(download PDF, 1MB)
3S Block Comparison Photos(JPG image)
3SGTE Rod Comparison Photo(JPG image)

Electrical Wiring / ECU

All 3SGTE ECU Pinouts(PDF, 22MB)
ST165 ECU Diagram #1(PDF, <1MB)
ST165 ECU Diagram #2(PNG image)
Unknown-Model ECU Diagram(PNG image)
ST185 CS/Grp-A ECU Diagram(PNG image)
ST205 ECU Diagram(PNG image)
MR2 (SW20) 91-92 3SGTE ECU Diagram(PNG image)
Caldina (ST215) Electrical Wiring Information(download PDF, 2MB)
ST185 / ST205 MAP Sensor Response(JPG image)
Alternator Guide(download PDF, 2MB)

Body / Chassis

ST185 Chassis Dimensions(download PDF, 3MB)
Frontal Body Area & Coeffienct of Drag Information(JPG image)
Australian ST185 'Turbo 4WD' Sticker Pattern(TIF image, also Back, Sticker)

Gearbox / Brakes / Driveline

E Series Gearbox Identification(download PDF, 1MB)
E Series Gearbox Information(download PDF, 1MB)
DBA Toyota Brake Rotors Catalouge(download PDF, 1MB)
Brake Upgrade Guide(download PDF, 1MB)


Toyota Camber Adjusting Crash Bolts(PNG image)
Whiteline ST185 Catalogue(download PDF, 1MB)
Hot4'S ST185 Handling Guide(download PDF, 2MB)

Engine Tuning

3SGTE Factory Ignition Map(PNG image)
3SGTE Factory Ignition and Fuel Maps(PNG image)
3SGTE Microtech Ignition Map(PNG image)
5SGTE (2.2L) Autronic Ignition and Fuel Maps(PNG image or Autronic Cal File)
3SGTE Wolf V500 Ignition and Fuel Maps(PNG image or Wolf ECU File)
3SGTE Haltech Ignition Map(JPG image)
3SGTE 2.2L Stroker Ignition Map (very custom engine)(JPG image)
KPA to PSI/inHg Conversion Chart(PNG image)


Toyota TwinCam Engine Intro(download PDF, 6MB)

Most of the information and media here has been obtained from other websites/sources.
If you were the original source of the media and do not wish it to be mirrored here, please contact me.

Document contributions (Thankyou!): Tuga2112, Brandon L

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