MWP's Toyota Celica GT4 Documents & Media


This is a collection of Toyota Celica GT4 (ST165, ST185, ST205) documents & media sourced from around the internet that i have found to be useful.
Some of this information may also be useful to Toyota MR2 (SW20) and Toyota Caldina (ST215, ST245) owners.

I have made it available here for easy access to others and in hope that it will prevent the information from being lost.



Official TSRM's and BGB's

(Toyota Service & Repair Manuals, also known as the Big Green Books)

Toyota - 3S-GTE - Repair Manual(download PDF, 8MB)
Toyota - ST165 - Repair Manual(PDF, 60MB)
Toyota - ST185 - Repair Manual (1990)(PDF, 25MB)
Toyota - ST185 - Repair Manual (1993)(PDF, 21MB)
Toyota - ST185 - Service Manual(PDF, 23MB)
Toyota - ST185 - Electrical Wiring Diagram(download PDF, 3MB)
Toyota - AT180-ST184 - Electrical Wiring Diagram(download PDF, 4MB)
Toyota - ST205 - Engine Repair Manual(download PDF, 12MB)
Toyota - ST205 - Engine Repair Supplement(PDF, 33MB)
Toyota - ST205 - Chassis and Body Manual(PDF, 32MB)
Toyota - ST205 - Chassis and Body Supplement(PDF, 41MB)
Toyota - ST205 - Electrical Wiring Diagram(download PDF, 5MB)
Toyota - AT202-ST204 - Electrical Wiring Diagram(download PDF, 19MB)
Toyota - ST245 - Service Manual (translated)(PDF, 89MB)
Toyota - Wire Harness Repair Manual(download PDF, 5MB)

Other Official Information

Toyota - Mechanics Training Manuals(link)
Toyota - ST185 - Specifications Sheet(download PDF, 1MB)
Toyota - ST185 - WRC Homologation Papers(download PDF, 11MB)
Toyota - ST205 - WRC Homologation Papers(download PDF, 7MB)
Toyota Celica GT4 and MR2 Booklet(download PDF, 3MB)

3rd Party Repair Manuals/Information

Haynes Data Book ST165 Information(download PDF, 1MB)
Haynes Data Book ST185 Information(download PDF, 1MB)


CT26 Turbo DIY Rebuild Guide(TXT, <1MB)
3SGTE Fuel Rail Limits (WolfKatz)(download PDF, 1MB)
3S Block Comparison Photos(JPG image)
3SGTE Rod Comparison Photo(JPG image)

Electrical Wiring / ECU